Live the life, live your life,
live her life, live together forever, until.

Yet the thoughts carry on
the memories abundant
their existence continues with
the lovers and their adventures.

Each moment builds castles,
Each castle is a fortress for the future
Each cherishing a time for joy and more memories
to feed lives together, excited and calm.

Together comforting each other
As lives pass up the mountain,
Each peak climbed together
Boosting the other from crag to crag.

Until they see the top and
stare out at the vistas traveled and to be traveled
Until the old lovers have only memories past, until.




Open curtains can let in the light,
Expose the soul to the world.
Yet they can also represent the end of an act, yours?
So play well!

© 2021 Robert Faron

Thanks to Kathy Jacobs for the opening and closing prompt “Curtains”


And thanks to Kathy Jacobs, Harper Thorpe, and the entire Chalkboard team.



Robert Faron

Robert Faron


Retired, but not from life and love, adding poetry to a life exploring metaphor.